The Death of Bob Knox is a project that started with a man in his final months of life, my fundamental curiosity about the topic of death, and its taboo status in our society. We read newspapers full of statistics on it everyday but we still aren’t really allowed to talk about the emotional impact it has on our lives. In fact, we are all destined for it and are sure to encounter it throughout the course of our lives. Death is one of our greatest bonding commonalities and its not until we are faced with it that we are forced to learn the language of grief. This language, though scarcely spoken, is one of understanding, sadness and comfort. Understanding that what we feel is inevitable, sadness about our own stories of loss, and comfort that we are not alone in them. Nothing is more important in society than these threads that connect us. This project provides a look at the process of dying with dignity surrounded by love, and the careful practice of saying goodbye. The photos in this series were taken between May – November 2017 in Sanibel, FL and Erie, PA. Robert E. Knox died at home in Erie, PA, surrounded by family, on November 17th, 2017.