sage the world was born as a senseless act of love & art. A love note to Sarah Moody & a love note to the heavens. After a friend died following a long battle with cancer, I saged the city for her sister Sarah. This is that story. 

The two of us continued the practice of healing and restoring balance in Miami, Fl at III Points Music Art & Technology Festival. We provided herbal burning rituals for festival goers, artists, & staff. Over the span of the 3 day festival over 40 lbs of sage, copal and other herbs were burned in Wynwood. We dispatched 11 ladies onto the grounds which had been crystal gridded prior to the festival's opening. 333 additional crystals were bathed in the sun, buried in the earth and cleansed in salt baths. They were wrapped by the same group of sage sisters and hung in a constellation over one stage onsite.

Following III Points Sarah & I took 'sage the world' on the road to Pennsylvania. We provided sage services to Standing Rock protesters in the Erie area and environmental cleansing to Frontier Neighborhood and the Gate of Heaven & Cavalry Cemeteries. 

sage the world continues to provide cleansing and ritual services.